Why build a car?

Building a car can be a tremendously rewarding experience.  Our customers continually tell us how much they enjoy driving their creations.  I hear so many stories like "I can't go anywhere without being mobbed."  "Everyone wants to look at the car."  Its always said with a great big smile.  You just don't get that with an off the lot vehicle.  To own a one of a kind, designed just for you vehicle is really pretty darned cool.  To be a part of the creative process is both exciting and extremely satisfying.

The  color, engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, right down to the door handles (or lack of door handles) is your choice,  and well... you may as well pull up a lawn chair to sit and stare.  It is after all a rolling work of art.

 Finding a builder who shares your vision is crucial.  If you are a vintage loving guy/gal and your builder is a billet person, you may not see eye to eye.  There is a fit for every taste so don't rush.  Make certain you feel real comfortable with the person you choose to bring your creation to life.  You will spend many hours together brainstorming, and fussing together the intricacies of your new, vintage/classic vehicle.  

Enjoy the process.  It will be a long haul.  Most vehicles despite what you see on T.V. take a minimum of 9 months or more to build however,  you get the opportunity to see it evolve right before your eyes.  You will hear your engine takes its first breath, and have the seat fit just for your butt.

There are few better ways to make a personal statement then by the car you drive.

Rolling through town in a 55 Chevy, 32 Ford, or whatever you build, says something about you.  Every time you climb behind the wheel and get those thumbs up from fellow road masters, you will feel ridiculously satisfied.